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Enjoy all these scribbles and random stuff =).

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This question hadn't been asked for a while so I'll ask it again.

How many of y'all are Hong Kong folks?

Leave a message, let's start a group, let's play chess, let's punch through a wall, let's show the world that we're awesome
Shoko - Adventure Time by DC-KMOS
Shoko - Adventure Time
Remember that ghost girl who haunted Finn in Adventure Time who turned out to be Finn's past life?

I've liked Shoko because she is the only character in the series that genuinely reminds me of an Asian person (aside from the Bath Boy Gang), and so I tried to draw her that way.

That's why she kinda looks like a ninja, and also her name in Chinese right there.

Check out my other Adventure Time drawings too!
Huntress Wizard…
Summer Stroll by DC-KMOS
Summer Stroll
Does this look a little familiar?

So I've been working on this picture for quite a while, bit like a month on and off.

This is pretty much another revamped version of the my older drawing Winter Breeze (…) which is a revamp of an even older drawing of the same name (…).

Every time I draw the picture again, I found that there are just places I am not satisfied with but have no idea how to do better, and this is true for this one too. Perhaps a few years from now, I will explore it again and make even more improvements, who knows?

I have recorded my progression through here.…
Thank you, Noemi.
Summer Stroll (Progression) by DC-KMOS
Summer Stroll (Progression)
Does this look a little familiar?

So I've been working on this picture for quite a while, bit like a month on and off.

And thanks to a special someone, I've been recording my progress along the way that lets me show what I have been doing along through it.

Who knows, maybe someone can learn something from it, how I draw, and how I create.
Bear Bear Bear by DC-KMOS
Bear Bear Bear
I drew bears.

It was originally only supposed to be a practice and some fun when I drew the grizzly, but then I'm like... well, let's have more bears.

In the end there are so many bears it became unbearable.

Yep, I went there.

Also I DREW EVERY GODDAMN INDIVIDUAL FUR I wonder if I'm supposed to do that but I did, let me at 'em.

For a long time, "What do you like to do when you have free time?" is a question I like to use as a conversation starter to strangers.

More often than not they say "Sleeping", "Video games", "Watch shows", and never could they say anything else. I always find these people less interesting, but I could never really tell exactly why. I mean I have friends who do that can still be fun to hang out with, but what makes them less akin to those I find truely interesting?

Until recently I've finally found out that, someone who is truely interesting could step out the bounds of enjoying what other people created, and go out to create something that other people can enjoy.

Be it a piece of artwork, a commentary, a song, a splendid dish, a dance, anything that you can create that can be enjoyed by more than just yourself. It's easy to bash someone for doing something poorly, it isn't as easy to make something poorly so that other people can bash.


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